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Williams and Whiting is an  innovative, independent publishing house with the desire to not only publish books by new authors but also to help readers rediscover books that have gone out of print by making them available again in bright,  easy to read,  new editions.

Coming Soon...

We are delighted to announce that this autumn we will be launching a new Vintage Crime Library imprint in which we will be bringing classic crime stories back into print.

The first set of authors we will be reprinting are Ernest Dudley (the Dr Morelle stories), Gerald Verner (the Mr Budd stories) and a host of stories by Norman Firth who died at the age of only 29 Further details to be announced soon.

Lisa Alabaksh

A former head teacher, community support worker and specialist foster carer who has lived in Haringey, North London for pretty much all of my 47 years....


Stephen Baines

Yorkshire born and bred, and  ancestors who were mariners of Whitby in the 18th and 19th Centuries, which have been the inspiration of all my books


Melvyn Barnes has spent the whole of his career in public libraries.  He began as a school leaver in Kent, then occupied posts of increasing seniority in Hertfordshire, Manchester, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Ipswich...

Melvyn Barnes



Charlie Cochrane

Because Charlie Cochrane couldn't be trusted to do any of her jobs of choice—like managing a rugby team—she writes. Her mystery novels include the Edwardian era Cambridge Fellows series, and the contemporary Lindenshaw Mysteries.

Ernest Dudley photo (1).jpg

Earnest Dudley

Born in Dudley, Worcestershire, in July 1908, Vivian Ernest Coltman-Allen grew up in Cookham, Berkshire, where his father kept a hotel. Famous artist Stanley Spencer lived next door and was a friend of the family...


Francis Durbridge  

Fancis Durbridge (1912-1998) was the twentieth century's foremost writer of thrillers for radio and television. His radio serials are still broadcast today, and his novels and stage plays remain popular worldwide...

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